young girl holding white teddy bear that is wearing a purple dress and hat two strawberries curly headed Roo and his blond girlfriend
young girl with big eyes looking left three smiling friends Andrew and pup cuddling on the floor twins sitting on the floor with a ball, one hugging the other

Useful Links

! Nutrition and Health
Homemade Baby Food & Nutrition
Easy Wholesome Baby Food
Breastfeeding Advice
La Leche League
Growing Families the Natural Way
Simple Kids: Food and Nutrition
Environmental Working Group
EWG: Product Database
Arsenic in Rice
Children's Nutrition Research Center
! Vegetarian Diet
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Nutrition for Kids (pdf, humorous pictures)
The World's Healthiest Foods
Make Over Your Diet
AA of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
American Lung Association
Natl Asthma Education & Prevention Program
Attention Deficit Disorder:
ADHD from the NIH
The Other Side of ADD/ADHD
Attention Deficit Disorder Association
Autism Diet
Autism Research Institute
Autism Web
Beautiful Minds: Stephen Wiltshire
Autism, Disco and Me
Child Health & Development:
Diaper Changing Technique to Reduce Colic
Electronic Devices EMF Dangers
Baby's Sleep
Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
American Academy of Pediatrics
Child and Family Web Guide
Babies and Vitamin D
Babies cry. Have a plan.
Bright Futures
Healthy Children
Baby Milestones (slideshow)
Toddler Milestones (slideshow)
Kids Health Zone
Electronic Devices EMF Dangers
Kid's Health
Teen's Health
Teens & Adolescent Youth
Simple Organic
Body and Mind
Exercise for Children
How much physical activity do children need?
Extending your child's lifespan by 5 years
Benefits of Swimming
Tips for Proper Use of Backpacks
Backpack Weigh-In
Parents and Teen Driving
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston
Grady Health System