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Our Office

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Julie Hurwitz &
Rachel Schwartz

colorful miniature hot air balloon hanging from the ceiling Dr. Carol Herrmann entering health data for Cherub sitting next to her Rachel close-up smiling blonde Mom smiling, holding babe on her lap with Dr. Herrmann various Muppet stickers teenager in red shirt standing on the scale and smiling young girl holding sticker-pop in the waiting room Kisha working on the computer in the office and smiling crayon testimonial by child: Dr. Herrmann rocks! smiling Mom holding daughter in rocking chair in the waiting room Franny smiling in cranberry, Kisha on the phone in the background gallery of crayon drawings by children displayed on cabinets Dr. Carol Herrmann and Cherub looking at computer colorful room with chairs and blue walls painted with hand and foot prints smiling Mom holding baby son in front of the wall covered with pictures cute sis, wearing pink and green, and baby brother in front of the red bench rainbow painted on wall behind bench in the waiting room, with colorful child-size chairs Rachel, in bright green pants and bright red shoes, weighing little Cherub Dr. Carol Herrmann filling out papers at the counter Dad holding up his Cherub for Franny to take his picture